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Dexter Dub is a producer and remixer from Cologne, he is an active part of the Cologne music scene since more than twenty years.

In his youth he has learned the basics of playing different instruments and was playing in different bands. After the band period his interest shifted around 1996 to Hip-Hop and as a DJ or turntablist (DJ I.R.S. ONE) as well as a producer he was involved in different projects with MC's.

Around 2002 his musical interest changed again, he continued Djing but with a more multi-genre approach, playing through different genres as Big Beat, Lounge, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, Reggae and Dub.

This brought him around 2006 into contact with new Reggae-Drum'n'Bass styles that followed the tradition of Jungle. He invented the aka Dexter Dub and became well known in Cologne for his sets combining Reggae vocals with Dubwize Drum'n'Bass and sometimes also with live Didgeridoo.

Around 2010 he was infected with the Dubstep-Virus, so he started producing Dubstep, mostly with a Reggae influence and played that genre as a DJ also with a focus on tracks that feature Jamaican or Patois-vocalists in general.

After a period of playing live with laptop and interface, Dexter Dub returned to his roots and now plays live again only with vinyl. Sometimes he includes either a lickshot, a dub siren or a sampler. He can integrate his own productions easily, by having them cut on a dubplate.

Since 1996 he has been digging, buyiing and playing through different styles, such as Dub, Dubstep, Jungle, Trap, Drum'n''Bass, Mash-Up, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Big Beat, Electro, Soul, Funk, Disco, Beat, Jazz and World Music.

At the Nippes Home Productions studio he produces his own tracks, mixtapes/-CDs, versions, mash ups, tunes and remixes since 2001. For many of his tracks he has been producing his own videos, more about it at videos.

So far Dexter Dub has been playing with:
Jacky Murdah, Murderbot, Spikey Tee, Amadeus, Nicky Nutz, Amaning, Wadadda, Bassrael, Tourette, Dipswitch, Genetic Crew, Speciez, Norris Norisk, Bam Bam Babylon Bajasch, Desmond Denker, Bam Bam Belay, Barack Podolski, Pintmurdera, Junktion, Ronaldo Zoni, InmysackHaze, Komabot, Vintech, Lobster, Saint Riverside, IandI, Scallywag, Macoboy, Fr33m4n, Pocoloco, Dyna, Jon Automata, Raggarocker, Sir Ermis, Gunta Kinte, DJ B*Tween, Don K-Li, DJ Yo-She, Realitätsflucht, Roots'n'Fruits, Decon, X-Plorer, Selecta, M.I.C., Aero Kane, Mura, Questa, Rascav, Merzo, Lofana, Napalm Dread, Subverzion, Büdche Boys, Bohai, Echo Sheriff, Lord Fader, Chin, Jumpat, Karmara, glxblt, Penelope, Mr. Lagos, 2krazy, Mr Rub, Grünkern, I Dot, Giana Brotherz, Doogie P.
, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill

Dexter Dub has been performing in Cologne (Odonien, Kolbhalle, Sensor Club, Tsunami Club, Bogen 2, Sonic Ballroom, Underground, Purple Club, MTC, Qlosterstüffje), Düsseldorf (Pretty Vacant Club, Rotkompot, Nirwana), Mönchengladbach (Projekt 42), Jülich (Kuba), Wuppertal (U-Club), Heidelberg (Klub K)

2014 Dexter Dub released his third album "Dubbylon Soldier" and also the two download-Singles "Level Seven" and "Dance Of The Doomed".

2013 he produced two downoad-singles together with the jamaican singer Pelican: "Collaboration Collection Part 1 & 2" and two downoad-singles with remixes of previous releases.

2012 Dexter Dub put out his second album called "Earritation" on Basspräsidium Records and Nippes Home Producions. Nippes Home Productions became an independent online label and following the digital release of the album they published a new single by Dexter Dub featuring the tracks “Pitch Black" and "Dead Souls Rising".

2010 "Dexters Dub Dimension" was released on Basspräsidium Records and the release was celebrated with a big party at the Kolbhalle. Additionaly he released two tracks on the first two compilations of the Heidelberger online label subbass and on the same label he released a dj-mix. Dexter Dubs remix of Skarra Mucci won the third price and was released as a free download on Soulforce. Together with AC Akut he did two more releases, one on the first Basspräsidium Records sampler (they were supported by Chaliss Butto) and the second on the seventh Jülich Sampler, where they worked as the project I'n'C. You could see Dexter Dub at the Kobhalle-Köln, the Kulturbahnhof Jülich, at Odonien-Köln, at Klub K-Heidelberg or hear at Radio Köln Campus

2009 Dexter Dub played on a regular basis at the "Qlosterstüffje"/Köln and worked on his album "Dexters Dub Dimension", that was released in 2010. His highlights were the gigs at Kulturbahnhof Jülich, at the Kolbhalle-Köln and the U-Club in Wuppertal..

2008 Dexter Dubs first 12" vinyl single (Behold/Dub Mi Ya Choppa) was released on Basspräsidium-Records (BP007).Also he did a remix for "Zombieflesheaters" Japan tour cd.

2008 He got featured at different shows with the Basspräsidium at the "Tsunami Club"/Köln or "under the bridge" and appeared at the "Nippes-Nacht 9.0" in "Odonien"/Köln, "Evoke Tracks" at "Sensor Club"/Köln and new years eve again in "Odonien"/Köln.

2007 is the offical birth of Dexter Dub and he organised a new series called "Mighty Jungle" with Gunta Kinte and the Basspräsidium-Crew a.o. Pintmurdera, Bam Bam Belay, Desmond Denkker und Chaliss Butto at the "Purple Club"/Köln. Regularly he was spinning the wheels at the "Bar Plastique"/Mönchengladbach and celebrated new years eve with Gunta KInte at the "Spielplatz-Club"/Mönchengladbach.

2006 Dexter Dub got, still named DJ I.R.S. ONE, a member of the Thermos-HiFi Soundsystem, which is based in Neuss In cooperation with Sir Ermis he organised the partyseries "Massive Mashup" at the MTC/Cologne. Apart from that they did different shows together at the "Sportstrand Hilden". A special highlight was the gig with Jacky Murdah (Chopstick Dubplate) and Amaning (Bios Rec.) at "High Duty"/Köln.

2005/06 DJ I.R.S. ONE and Gunta Kinte performed as the team "Rescue Remedies" at "Espressino Due"/Siegen, the "Filmhaus"/Cologne, "Friday Night Beatz" at Bahnhof Langendreer/Bochum and at different partys at the Schauspielhaus/Cologne

2003-2005 Together with Gunta Kinte he played on a regular basis at the "Bassblüten" sessions at the "Projekt 42"/Mönchengladbach. Sounds: Big Beat, Electro, Funk, Soul, Disco, Rare Groove, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Drum n Bass and Jungle.

2003/04 After the phase of being reduced to just Hip Hop and Rap I.R.S. ONE changed back to a more open minded selection with DJ Rich at the "Station Bar"/Cologne or at the "Blueberry-Break".

2001-2003 he was collaborating with Harry Kane under the names "Shadow Birds" (Albumtitle:"Moods") and "Geschlossene Gesellschaft" (Albumtitle:"Innerer Krieg für ewigen Frieden").

1999-2001 Dexter Dub aka DJ I.R.S. ONE started focussing on Hip Hop and Rap music and was among other things co-founder of the hip-hop project "Phat'n'Fresh". He gave the DJ-lessons and was member of the DJ/Turntablism-Crew K.A.O.T.S. (Kreative Arms On TechnicS). During that period I.R.S. ONE aka Dexter Dub relesed four DJ-mixtapes: Kickin Cologne Volume 1 and 2, Watch Dis and Cologne At Night.

1997 he discovered round black discs called vinyl and the addiction began. From this time on spare time ment DJ-ing, scratching and buying records. Dexter Dub started under the aka DJ I.R.S. ONE at the "Intensivstation"/Cologne with a braod selection of sounds featuring Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub and Jungle.

1977-1997 Dexter Dub came in contact with music early, learned to play different instruments (e-organ, guitar) and was member in different bands.

-All Flyer with Dexter Dub to watch as a slideshow


-All Flyer with Dexter Dub as DJ I.R.S. ONE to watch as a slideshow

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